Safe Connections Act Public Notice

OptimERA will provide account assistance so you can continue to use your device and stay connected.

Survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, or other related crimes, abuse, or violence have the right to separate their mobile phone line(s) from their abusers.  If you or your loved ones have experienced such abuse or violence, contact our Safe Separation Coordinators (SSCs) – by submitting documentation online at; by emailing; or by visiting Bering Sea Office Supply at 516 Salmon Way in Unalaska, AK.  The information you provide to us concerning your line separation request is CONFIDENTIAL.   

To process your request, you will need to provide the names and phone numbers on the shared mobile contract, along with documentation of the abuse. The website above is a form where you can send us this information securely. 

When you separate your line, you may select service from any of our current service offerings at We will process your line separation without charging penalties and fees.   

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may qualify for monthly discounts on your mobile phone bill through the federal Lifeline Program. Please ask the SSC working with your case or visit to learn more about Lifeline.  

If you want to move your phone service to a different carrier, we can most efficiently do that for you after you have created a separate account temporarily.  We will provide this account at no charge for 30 days to give you time to get setup with a new carrier. 

Moving your account may cause changes to the primary account holder’s account dashboard that could alert them to the line separation.  If you are the primary account holder, we will have to alert the abuser of the change in account, and we may have to alert them to the separation in that manner as well.  Your coordinator can separate the lines to ensure it happens at a time that is convenient and safe for your needs. 

Additional resources are available through Unalaskans Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence ( the National Domestic Violence Hotline ( and the National Sexual Assault Hotline (  If you need assistance you may contact USAFV by calling 907-581-1500, or 1-800-478-7238 anytime, or text 907-359-1500.